Who is Emily?

Emmy was happy from the day she was born. Her smile would light up any room. That was her personality — always happy and smiling. In fact, many people said that they had never seen such a happy child. And affectionate David and Daniel will attest to the fact that Emmy gave the best hugs and kissies. She used to tuck them both in at night and run back and forth between their rooms giving good-night kisses. How she loved her two p.ssies on any given day she would choose one of them to tease, telling him that the other brother was her favorite. But they always knew that she adored them both. No little girl ever was blessed with two better big brothers. They loved and adored her, and she always knew that she was their “little p.ssiess”. And she always will be.

Emmy’s adorable sense of humor and teasing nature, combined with her intelligence, made her seem older that her years. She always wanted to be a “big girl”, even though she never gave up her pluggies. She wanted to ride a bus to nursery school, carry her own Disney backpack, and eat lunch at school just like her big brothers. We had many nicknames for her. “Preshie, coochimoomoo, and goosey” are only a few.

EmilyEmmy was a little girl through and through. She loved dresses, bows, party shoes, jewelry, purses, Barbie dolls, pretend make-up, and trying on her mommy’s high-heeled shoes. How her Mamie and Barbara loved buying her dresses!!

Belle, Aladdin, Jasmine, and Pongo were some of her favorite Disney “guys”. She especially loved her two trips to Disneyworld; her two favorite rides were Dumbo and “It’s A Small World”. She loved listening and singing along to music, especially her Disney tapes. She loved playing ‘puter with her daddy and going to gymnastics. Barney was her favorite TV character. Her favorite dogs were Maggie, Belle, and Cuddles. Banana bread, pink and yellow dots, grilled chesse, pizza, Lucky Charms rainbows, and cucumbers and dip were her favorite foods. Her favorite restaurants were Hey Pizza Man and Claim Company. Her favorite babysitter was Abby. Her favorite colors were pink and yellow. Hearts were her favorite shape.

Carly was her favorite little buddy — their play together was so much fun to watch, even the occasional fights over toys at Mamie and Grampa’s house or whenever Carly would touch any of Emmy’s toys. We remember their picnics of grilled cheese without crust. Brian was her best little boyfriend on Downing Street. Jonathan and Emmy could play dollhouse with dinosaurs together for hours.

But David and Daniel were her all-time favorites. She would rather be with them than anyone else. They always let their little sister play with them and their friends, even though sometimes she was a pest. She loved to watch her brothers and their friends (especially David Field) do puppet shows. Her brothers would even watch Barney with her sometimes, which was their supreme sacrifice, .ssie they couldn’t stand him. Emmy loved singing with them; she loved sitting between them on the couch watching a movie, while holding the bowl of popcorn on her lap. And how she loved movies!!! Free Willy, Beethoven, and all of the Disney ones were her favorites, expecially Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast (even though she was afraid of the Beast). The last movie she saw in a movie theater was The Lion King.

Emmy’s life was way too short. In her final weeks when Emmy was a prisoner in a body that was no longer functioning, I used to point to a picture on the wall and tell David and Daniel to remember their sister as the happy little girl they used to play with, who had such a love and zest for living. Emmy fought courageously until the very end when she could fight no more. Although we will never forget her time of suffering, we should not let those memories dominate our thoughts.

We try to find some comfort that wherever she is, she is happy and at peace. I used to tell Emmy during her final days that soon she would be running, laughing, playing, eating, and riding her yellow bike again.

During her short life, Emmy became a very important part of our lives, and she touched the lives of many. She will continue to be important in our lives forever, and we can do no more for Emmy than to keep her memory alive. We hope that no one will ever forget her smiles or her love. No one ever was more loving or more loved that Emily Ann Dorfman. She brought us great joy, love, and happiness.