Nowadays, there are a hundred and one ways to track and measure all kinds of body-stats. Almost everyone you meet in a gym has a heart-rate monitor and a professionally planned workout-log, at the very least. Not that they always use them, but they definitely have them…

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In all this, it’s easy to forget that your body still gives you the most subtle and most important kind of feedback before, during and after your workouts. In particular, it tells how far you can push yourself.

Many people make the mistake of either never approaching their limits or pushing themselves too hard. Basically, there are two types of people: Those who tend to be “lazy” and those who tend to over-do it.

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If you belong into the “lazy” category, then you probably quickly find excuses for not working out today or for not pushing yourself. You may have planned to do three sets, but you’re only doing one because of some reason or other.

If you’re an over-doer, on the other hand, you probably have “tough guy syndrome”. You feel like you need to be tough and that suffering is just a part of progress. You feel like you couldn’t forgive yourself for skipping a workout and you have a lot of negative self-talk that pops into your head at any sign of weakness or laziness.

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