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Valuable Links for Cancer Information and Support
Brain and Brain Tumor Information
Pediatric Brain Tumor Programs
Surgery Information
Do your own Research
Learning, Research and Study Help
School Issues
Learn About - More Topics
Brighten Someone's day
Hospice and Grief
Collections of Pediatric Cancer Links
Collections of Pediatric Links

Kids & Teens Fun, Support, & Information
Just Cool
Dr. Seuss
Field Trips
Learning, research and study help
PBS Sites
Science Fair

In this section of our web site we provide links that offer a variety of resources for children with cancer and their parents. Our intent in providing these links is simply to make information available. The inclusion of any website link does not imply endorsement by The Emily Dorfman Foundation for Children of the link or resource accessed through the link. You are strongly advised to thoroughly investigate all information presented and claims made of a medical or spiritual nature, and judge with common sense the validity of the information and the claims. Perhaps this goes without saying, but you should seek the advice of your (or your child's) health care provider before acting upon or relying upon any information from these links and resources.

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